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    That suit looks very good on you

    • ph.
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    • [中翻英]What look good on you

      ... a little creativity. 看起來比較有型 It looks more trendy. 褲子我總是穿牛仔褲 Jeans is...with anything. 鞋子我總是穿帆布鞋 I always put on canvas sneakers, 因為舒適又好搭 because it'...

    • look at 和look on

      ...hey mate what are you looking at for? look on==what kind of swimsuit would look good on me? that's simple, what do you think? 2010-06-29 13:01:13 補充: Look...

    • 拜託急需~幫我翻成英文 謝謝

      ...! How's this? Does it look good on me? Drusilla: Nope. ...;The prince stops suddenly, looking at Cinderella and asks excitingly>...