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    • 短篇英文笑話

      ...or not Jesus looks like his mother or father, etc. He looks high and low but cannot find him. 耶穌死後上了天堂. 第一件事情就是要找尋...

    • 請問 look有什麼相關片語

      ...upon 鄙視,看輕,輕視,叱責look for a needle in a haystack 大海撈針,草堆找針look high and low for 到處尋找look out upon 面對 ,望向大楓出版社 - 如何加強英文成語、片語

    • 短篇英文小故事 ?

      ...before, there are no fish under the ice."   The drunk looks all around, high and low, but can't see a single soul. He picks up the saw and ...