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    • madam = ma'am ?

      madam = ma'am 但是 Ms. 是指 Miss 或 Mrs. Ms. 後面要加姓氏, ma...

    • 買賣東西(交易)的英文對話

      clerk: good afternoon, ma'am, how may i help you? customer: yes, do you have chocolate buns... time through the rain like hell today? clerk: calm down, please, ma'am. i feel sorry for you too but our chocolate pastries...

    • 電影"The Queen"英文問題

      it's ma'am as in ham not ma'am as in farm. ma'am 是 但這部電影中,叫人家對女王說 ma'am 要念成 [mᴂm],和念 ham 一樣。a 要發 [ᴂ],不可發 [ɑ...