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    • 差別用法become and turn into

      ...change by magic from one thing into another.or make something to do this. e.g. In a...prince turned into a frog. B.:become(linking verb)是連綴動詞=>to...後加 adj =>It became clear that our army should retreat before...

    • 幫我翻譯英文~Transformation~的歌詞

      轉變 與我一起來,我現下將帶給你 到你懼怕的一個地方 由於沒有原因為什麼 你的心已經對我不聞不問 並且我將讓你理解 一切將變得對你清楚 當你看事情透過時 另一的眼睛 一切將變得對你清楚 凡是計畫是要給你的,你將找到 與我一起來,我將帶你去那兒 到你將看見的一個地方 你是那...

    • 可以幫我看一下這2篇廣告有哪些句型嗎???

      ... to connect the clauses. one thing quickly becomes clear more Golf is just not possible. Approved Used Jaguar can make you feel good. Naturally, there’s the...