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    • 可以幫我修改一下文法嗎?急急急

      .... People with these sins should make confessions, and he would be able to go to heaven... not bodies, why did souls become thin without eating? Because when people ...

    • 誰可以幫我翻一下中翻英嗎??謝謝唷~我即需要

      ...amp;quot;good taste" and therefore, people will use these raw materials made of thin pancake enjoy, and later became a British tradition. Thin pancake that, in fact, there are many...

    • 潤餅的由來---英文版 !!!

      ... spring rolls and egg rolls have become synonymous but they are two distinctly different... rolls are wrapped in a thin light wrapper made of rice flour and sometimes tapioca or wheat flour and...