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    • 英文翻譯 通順 流暢 20點

      Make a detailed diagram showing the steps that occur in the anther leading to the formation of the pollen grains(the male gametophyte). 使表示發生在花藥導致花粉粒(雄配子體)的形成步驟的詳細圖。

    • 英文達人,訂正英文文法2 謝謝

      .... So I chose a little eye-catching bag. The diagram of the right side: I like DHC... products is made of elegant material. The following...

    • 有關鈉的幾個問題 急!(英文 20點)

      ...use it to prepare and cook food, make food more delicious. (人們用它來製備... food and several kinds of sauces.(它被用在加工...水分平衡和健康) 6.please include a labelled diagram of the atom showing the...