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    • 請幫我翻譯這段英文文章

      ..., to be shamed out of our nonsense of all kinds, and to be made men of, instead of ghosts and...slight and unreal itself. We crave a sense of reality, though it comes in ...

    • 基測初級文法演練解析

      ...記得她的名字 c.她甚至不記得她的名字 58.Coal is made up ______ of carbon, too.a.mostly b.most c.moremostly 大部分地 59.Jane behaved

    • make 5 sentences.. word order

      ...在測試您對inflection和derivation的理解:1. Some gwisers mishiffen in a drinking keg were stoshly frionized.2. Some stoshly frionized ...