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    • Bad Blood?(內文翻譯)

      .... She's started going through a pile of applications, taking notes of work...information keeps turning up, and she can't make heads or tails of it. 翻: 不同的類型...

    • 我的家人這個(英文)文章對嗎?

      ...一致性) is 37 years old. Every day she has to do a lot of housework, but still can spare the time to watch television, play computer games and...

    • 想請問這幾句英文文法哪裡錯誤??

      ... forced the sheriff to go. 2.He passed by a large pile of money. 這句沒什麼問題 3.He came by a large sum of money. 這句也可以 4.The devil made Faust go. 這句也沒錯 Make是使役動詞 所以go不用加to 5....