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    • 英文翻中文,很急

      提升你的閱讀效能 每個月都有累積上千頁要閱讀的資料擺在你面前。你怎麼消化它 們呢? 這些不斷出現的閱讀題材包括:報紙雜誌專業期刊報告以及各式出版品每天堆疊到你的書桌。大部分人無法消化,所以只是隨機閱讀或是沮喪地放棄大部分閱讀資料。 不要讓這情況...

    • 急求 桃花源記和古文勤學部分中翻英

      ...” of the ancient Chinese literature ----> Many a stack of soil makes a mountain, where the wind and rain will emerge. The accumulation of water ...

    • 幫幫忙!英文高手!可以幫我翻成英文嗎?

      ...hero behind at unilateral, then express a stack of de disaffection, they can ever try know him? Not, but just a hide let preceding "prejudice...all, try open wide mind go and the other make interact with contact, the others...