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    • 英翻中超級高手(不要翻譯機的)

      ... more complex than Connect Four. Chinook must make complex decisions in a large and complex space with many possible positions...

    • 英文造句basic / complex / compound

      ...免費試吃」 告示吸引了我們的眼睛。 (simple sentence) We made a beeline for it, but many people had already got in line...short on it. 最終我們並沒有吃到免費食物,因為他們準備不足。 (complex sentence)

    • 急~~可否幫忙中文翻英文(20點)

      ...correctly (photons) Absorption rate (absorption rate) Good to make the complex rate of the electron too (recombination rate) Increase too, so control proper can...