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  1. early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise

    • ph.
      【諺】睡得早, 起得早, 富足、聰明、身體好
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      ... already well discounted from the prototypes we had made early in this project. I do not see what negotiation we could do other than extend the delivery...

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      什麼樣的表演類型是有益的?"你好 Doody”是由栩栩如生的木偶和名叫做水牛城鮑伯的主人表演給小孩們觀賞。" 工作場所一 " 以未刪節的戲劇為特色在像是詹姆士院長和華倫比堤這類明星作早期的登台演出。 這兩個表演在 1940 年代中初次登場。所以囉,早期新聞秀的...

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      ...and animals, modern man now has clothes, which is made synthetically. Early in the seventeenth century it was first suggested that...