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    make every effort

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    • 請問這句英文句子對嗎?很急

      We made every effort to gain the scores together. 請問這什麼意思 我們一起盡全力來贏得分數(吧) 2007-03-18 21:36:25 補充: 文法上並沒有錯

    • 一句英文翻譯而已(英文專家請進)

      ...政府竭盡所能協助我們脫離四年來所處的困境 We entreat the government to make every effort to help us out of the predicament we were in over the past four ...

    • AE補貨問題?(英文)

      ...order are currently back-ordered: 以下的物品正在補貨中. We will make every effort to get your item(s) back in stock as soon as possible. 我們會盡我們所能以...