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  1. make for

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    • 1. 向...走去 It started raining, so she made for the nearest shelter. 天開始下雨了﹐於是她快步朝最近的避雨處走去。 When the interval came everyone made for the bar. 幕間休息時, 大家都湧向酒吧。
    • 2. 向...襲擊 As the thief opened the door, the dog made for him. 小偷一打開門, 狗就向他撲去。
    • 3. 導致 Early rising makes for good health. 早起有助於健康。 Absence of competition makes for sloth. 沒有競爭會造成懶惰。



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      為...騰出地方; 讓位給 Would you make place for me in the car? 你能為我在車子裡騰出點地方來嗎? He retired and made place for a young person. 他退休了, 讓位給一位年輕人。
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      考慮到, 留餘地 Why does he always make allowance for her conduct? 為什麼他老是原諒她的行為? If there is friction between them, each should make allowances for the other. 如果他們之間有芥蒂, 那就應該互相諒解。
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      讓出空位 Would you kindly make room for the old lady? 請你給這位老太太讓個地方好嗎?
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      彌補 Her beauty can't make up for her stupidity. 她的美麗不能彌補她的愚蠢。 They are working hard to make up for lost time. 他們正在努力工作以便補上失去的時間。
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      讓路 All traffic has to make way for a fire engine. 所有行人和車輛都得給救火車讓路。
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    • ph.
      走向 He made for the door. 他向門口走去。


    • ph.
      走向 He made for the door. 他向門口走去。
    • vt.
      向…移動 to make for the summit/the open sea 向頂峰進發/駛向公海
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