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    • 英文單字 clean 和 clear 的差別?

      clear~~~~ to remove or get rid of (something) or remove something blocking (the way), or to move people away...other unwanted parts or pieces from (something), or to make (something) neat and orderly 特別強調 移除髒的東西!或者是不...

    • 二月空中英語教室部分單字的中文?20點

      ...吱吱嘎嘎的聲音 in one's mind's eye 腦海中出現...景象 dash 猛衝.飛奔 nowhere to be found 到處都找不到 make something clear 清楚聲明.清楚表明 property 住家.地產 swerve 繞到旁邊.行進中轉離車道 haunt...

    • 最正確英文單字解釋

      ...信號兵 3. evidence n. to render evident or clear; to prove; to evince; as, to evidence a fact, or the guilt...12 18:07:31 補充: 7.persentation n. the act of making something publicly available; presenting news or other information...