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    • Something I lost

      ... absolutely wretched--it was all the more wretched when I discovered that I had... having my umbrella on the very wet day made me think again about all the valuable things...

    • 翻譯高手請進! 2則警世語的翻譯

      ...急不得; 目標低不得, 下手重不得. Put nothing off; Make nothing rushed. Aim at nothing plain; Act...ll enjoy your life wealthy. Kind-hearted yet wretched, and you'll still stay fed and cosy. Blessed yet...

    • 幫我翻譯一下這篇心得<急需>

      The story after demi-section is describes the old person which wretched not depends on with a young boy to catch fish together, but 84 day,Actually half fish also does not catch, makes the old person to be extremely sad, in the young boy parents under persisted...