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    • productively occupied是什麼意思呢?

      1. Do mindless but engaging tasks that keep you productively occupied...屋內的事情) 2. Keeping your thumb on the "pulse" of your stress level. >> 請經常審視你的壓力指數在哪的意思...

    • 行銷翻譯 請幫我解釋這一段話

      ...computerization introduces other potential problems, such as the possibility of mindless content analysis . 雖然電腦化內容分析程式的使用,在某些方面可能會...

    • 請幫我翻譯黃色底線的部分就好?

      ... are the critical other wing of the bird of humanity we try to fly without it. critical=>important 雖然女人...一單翼飛翔的鳥一樣。 2.when they're nothing more than mindless imitation clung to with tendon snapping tenacity...