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  1. mither

    • IPA[ˈmʌɪðə]


    • v.
      make a fuss; moan;pester or irritate (someone)
    • verb: mither, 3rd person present: mithers, gerund or present participle: mithering, past tense: mithered, past participle: mithered

    • 釋義


    • 1. Northern English make a fuss; moan oh men—don't they mither?
    • Northern English pester or irritate (someone) the pile of bills would mither her whenever she felt good
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      ... 13. 這些手錶 those watch 14. 那些椅子 15. 她媽媽的朋友們 her mither's friends 16. 他爸爸的鑰匙(一把) his father's...

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