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    • pinying[bai2 jing1]
    • white whale;beluga
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    • 1. white whale
    • 2. beluga
    • 3. Moby Dick, novel by Herman Melville 赫曼・麥爾維爾
    • 赫曼・麦尔维尔[He4 man4 · Mai4 er3 wei2 er3]
    • Melville (name)

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    • Herman Melville (1819-1891), US novelist, author of Moby Dick 白鯨

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      ... white whale is the symbol of nature and the power of secret. 白鯨記(Moby-Disk)它是ㄧ本寬容的書,從鯨魚的解剖到人種問題. The Moby...

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