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    make a model of sb

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    • 什麼是model of care?

      婦女分娩的經驗也許影響他們未來再生產的意願, 還有照顧的方式也影響他們的經驗........... model of care -照顧的方式

    • consirder a Markov chain model

      Q:consider a Markov chain model of unemployment duration dependenceA:請考慮馬可夫鍊模型無法運用期間之依賴性...

    • 急求工程英文高手翻譯

      ...piece appears welds spatially 2., because this model of product holds the strength piece area and the P...that (8/10 provides). 8. I take charge of according to the program in carry on the control with...