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  1. moneys

    • money的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      錢;貨幣,通貨[U] Do they accept French money? 他們接受法國貨幣嗎?
    • n.
      錢; 對某事物信心十足; 錢來之不易; 使某人激烈競爭; 激烈競爭 a lot of or big money 一大筆錢 good money 大筆的錢
    • npl.
      款項 moneys paid into an account 入賬金額
    • modif.
    • ph.
      同有錢人結婚 She has married money. 她已同有錢人結婚。
    • ph.
      大筆的錢; 來之不易的錢 earn, pay, cost good money 賺、付、值很多錢
    • ph.
      橫財; 不義之財; 來得容易的錢
    • ph.
      賠錢 This is an interesting occupation, but I'm afraid you'll lose money at it. 這是個有趣的行業, 但恐怕你會賠本的。
    • ph.
      【口】賺大錢; 發大產
    • ph.
      致富, 發財或賺錢 Can you tell me how to make some money? 你可不可以告訴我怎麼能賺點錢? Computers help lots of young people make money fast. 電腦幫助許多年輕人很快地致富。
    • ph.
      家用錢 She spent all the housekeeping money on a new coat. 她把家用錢全用來買新衣了。
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