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    • 急~關於英文”狐假虎威” 的moral~

      ... the affiliation to expand own by others' strength influence. This kind of situation although as soon as ...要改上面那一小段的話,參考看看下面吧: The moral of the story is to be wary of exploiting other...

    • 急~徵求英文高手 釘正我的英文文章 20點

      ... demands of the 21 century, whether in morality, wisdom or physical strength, and to become a socialism founder and successor with ideal, moral, culture and discipline. 稍微幫你做了修改. 有些用字怪怪的,不通順,例如advance various...

    • 美國陸軍宣傳影片內容翻譯

      ...有有力量(strong)這個字以及有軍力(army strong)這個字. 它是無人可及的實力(strength). 它是一種體能的實力. 它是一種情感的實力. 它是一種個性特質的實力以及...