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  1. more than enough time

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    • 1. 相當足夠的時間 There will be more than enough time tomorrow. 明天將有相當足夠的時間。
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    • 英文演講文章題目Health

      ...society are busy making money. They seem to spare no labor to earn more than enough money to support their families. Some are so ambitious...

    • 請幫忙(英翻中)~~Chien-Ming Wang was

      ...-Ming Wang was staked to a quick two-run lead, more than enough for the righty to mow down the Mariners on the way to a 9-2 win ...

    • what is gild the lily?????

      A few cheery floral arrangements will be more than enough to gild the lily (再多幾個優美的插花,就更多此一舉了)