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      最重要的 If you want to succeed, you must work hard. Most important of all, you should have good health. 如果你想要成功, 你必須努力工作。最重要的是你應該要有健康的身體。 He is everything you can dream of brave, kind, intelligent, humourous, handsome, and most important of all, he is very humble. 他是你所夢想的一切──勇敢, 仁慈, 聰明, 幽默, 英俊, 還有最重要是, 他非常謙虛。
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      答案應為 most important of all 我們都知道如果是最高級通常會加 the 或是所有格ex. my his...處most important of all為一個片語 所以他是屬於一個例外的形式 所以我們只能說 most important of all, you must be very good at cooking. 此句也可改寫成 above all, you must...

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      My most important thing I still can remember when I was a child...can't help crying. The toy train is my most important thing. 2006-06-13 08:34:36 補充: 不客氣