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    • 各位英文達人~~請幫我英翻中~~~勿用翻譯軟體

      ... TRUST? 你該信託給誰? This is the single most important question of this entire book. The success of your trust depends on your making this decision wisely. Who should be your trustee and your successor trustees...

    • 英文修改地方

      ..., and reading books. I like to play computer games most because it is exciting. How would you have your free times spent? Do you do it wisely?(有點說教的意味、最後結尾略嫌沒有力氣) 希望幫的上忙

    • 各位英文翻譯達人就拜託你們了~~勿用翻譯軟體~~謝謝

      誰應該是您的信任受託人? 這是整本書的唯一且最重要的問題。 商業信貨的成功取決於您做的這個明智決定。 誰應該是您的委託者和您的後繼委託者? 那些處理您的託管的人或機構(例如銀行或信託公司)是委託者。 在您身處的州政府法律之下,這些委託者支配受託物(而州的區別可能...