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    • 英文旅遊資訊的文章

      ...; instead, opt to drive around the park (expect to pay a small fee for motorized vehicles) along a 13-mile paved loop. A visitor's center provides...

    • 關於`ambulance`一詞的適當中文翻譯

      ...解釋It is most commonly associated with the land based, motorized emergency vehicles seen throughout the world administering emergency care to those with acute...

    • 我想請問一下”光感應自走車”的英文翻譯

      ...就是樓上大大所說的大型1:1比例的自走車, 那就可以用self-driving car/vehicle來代替motorized car kit/motor controlled car kit.請參考參考吧^^ 2006-04-12 08:06:34 補充...