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  1. mouldering

    • KK[ˋmoldərɪŋ]
    • DJ[ˋməuldəriŋ]


    • adj.
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    • 麻煩請國貿英文高手幫忙翻譯解釋~謝謝

      ...60.) 之後我們將為以上開訂單和付款. Separately can you please quote for moulder feed rollers in aluminium/polyurethane, 140 OD x 35 ID...

    • great expectations閱讀心得

      ... at the time of her wedding, and the wedding breakfast moldering on the table, after being jilted by the groom. Pip falls...

    • 一封英文信

      ... for 2 years now, our commanding officer, Captain Molder, is a fine soldier. He has leaded us to numerous...