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    • lean and ever-eager ..??

      He keeps the Wolf Riders lean and ever-eager to mount up and ride off at a moment’s notice. 她把狼騎士養得身體很好而且鬥志高昂. 就...

    • 英文片語造句八句(急)~~

      ... you keep buying unnecessary stock, it will mount up very quickly. 如果你一直買不必要的庫存,累積起來是... we extend your loan, you will have to pay something back. 在我們延長你的貸款之前,你必須...

    • 英文標題:請問這是關於什麼的新聞?

      ...抱歉 發現 Mount 不是準備的意思 我查了字典 17. to increase in amount or intensity (often fol. by up): The cost of all those small purchases mounts up. 中翻應該是: 使.....更緊張化 mounting opposition...