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  1. move along

    • ph.
      往前走;走開, 別停留
    • 釋義


    • 1. 往前走 Move along, please, said the bus conductor. “請往裡走走, ” 公共汽車售票員說。
    • 2. 走開, 別停留 Move along there, please! said the policeman. “請別在這裡停留!”警察說。
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    • ph.


    • ph.
    • vi.
      不停留 the police officer told us to move along 警官告訴我們不要停留
    • vt.
      使不逗留 the police moved the crowd along 警察命令人群不得逗留 to move the traffic along 讓車輛往前走
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      ph. (片語 phrase) 往前走 走開,別停留 "Move along there, please!" said the policeman. "請別在這裡停留!"警察說。 2006-06-10 22:49:47 補充: 為什麼你不往前走呀?

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