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    • 英文問題,I have shit to do....

      ...句子拆成兩半--> I have shit to do = 我有很多狗屁事要做 either move or move out of my way --> 你要不離開,要不閃邊。 move= 離開 move out of my...

    • 英文句構請教(20點) 15

      若翻譯成: "冷血種物需要(時而進出)陽光及(時而進出)蔭涼處,以調節體溫。" 或許較為清楚! move in and out of sun and shade = (move in of sun and move out of sun) and (move in of shade and move out of shade.) 供你參考!

    • 幾句英文翻成中文

      1 the trees did blow as the wind moved the clouds out of the way to reveal the rainbow 當風移動了雲 讓彩虹展露 樹 也飄動了 2...