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  1. much-needed

    • adj.
      needed to a great extent
    • 釋義


    • 1. needed to a great extent the film gave a much-needed boost to the country's tourist industry
  2. 知識+

    • 請問much-needed是什麼意思 ?

      much-needed 非常必須的,當作形容詞用 This is a much needed lesson for everyone. 這是對每個人來說「很必須的」一堂克 I had a much needed vacation last week. 我上個禮拜渡了個「很必須的」假期 (指自己真的很需要放...

    • much-needed是什麼意思?

      應該是急需求...的狀況 對不可數的事物。

    • very much的位置

      ...了解一個男人 (泛指所有男人) 需要他的親人陪伴。 b. I know that a man very much needs his relatives to accompany him. 我知道一個男人 (泛指所有...