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    I'm writing to a friend of mine

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    • 英文稿 My friend

      I have a very good friend. 我建議 加個 very 來作強調,因為你是在講你的".... Since then, we became good friends. I am fond to have such a good friend. We both get...

    • 【急贈20】SPYAIR-My Friend翻成國文發音

      My Friend "明日また" それぞれ...咧喏咪几歐 歩いても 離れないMy friend 即使邁開大步 也不會分離My...咧喏咪几歐 歩いても 離れないMy friend 即使迈开大步 也不会分离My...

    • 英文作文My friend

      My Friend I have a bosom friend. We have express our true emotion to each other. In conclusion, my friend does add gorgeous colors to my life. After...