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    • 可以幫我批改英文作文嗎?

      ... until the result was declared did we relieve our nervous tension. The result came and we won the first prize. All...

    • 幫我想克服緊張的觀點(用英文寫)

      ...therefore, I would like to state a few points that might be helpful for nervous people. First, and the most important concept, is that all tension and stress are just psychological status, in other words, it's just a...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下句子 關於有壓力~

      ...have English tests, I'll feel nervous and tired. 只要有英文考試,我都會給自已很...我減少許多壓力。 And my solution to relieve tension is to find some relaxing activities...