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    • 拜託幫我看一下這篇在講什麼(英文)

      細說 intercountry ,可能增加 intrafirm 組織費用的文化差異不是這一 chpter 的 prupose 。 相反的我們想要探究前提哪一最好的公司聰明的識別並且和解如此的不同,而且對他們的增益利用他們可能在全球的市場中獲得一個引人注目的 competitve 利益。 從 Lipsey(1991) 借用,我們將提及如此...

    • 急需:幫我改英文作文

      ...hostile to each other after the break-up. To conclude, i do not think that falling in love is good. This is because if you break-up, you would meet with many embarrassing situations...

    • 有沒有英文高手可以幫我看看這篇自傳呢?感激感激~~

      ...year in Germany, not only did I...language program, I was able to travel to France... and reconcile conflicts when...cargo and dealing with customers in...