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    He said he would rather not tell his age

    • ph.
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    • Hennessy very special Cognac

      ... is bottled, it will NOT age anymore. Therefore, it will NOT be...24:02 補充: When you know how to stop the aging process, please share with me ! 2012-02-10 12...

    • 英文難題 生理光學 翻譯

      The age of onset of presbyopia is related not only to the amplitude of accommodation and the uncorrected refractive... in diagnosing presbyopia are not age but 因此,老花眼是一個相對用詞。診斷老花應該考慮...

    • 英文的寫法

      for ages not in ages很久很久的意思 up to you 全賴你決定 ;up to 意思是最近在幹嘛 二者意思不同