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    • Lard是豬油Butter是牛油

      Tallow is not 食用油 ,solid fat extracted from the tissues and fatty ...拿來燃燒用或拿來做肥皂或蠟燭用的。 Tallow is not食用油 !!! 我想提問者想要問的並不是其他的「怪」油,而是...

    • 幾個英文文法題目的疑問?

      1. "pour" is for liquid but not for solid particle like salt or sugar. for salt, use sprinkle or add...correct answer should be (B) as "wish" is not usually used in the present progressive tense.

    • solid grades 是什麼意思

      solid grades: 成績不賴 The teachers I met before were solid, not great teachers. 我從前遇到的老師還不賴,但算不上非常出色。 solid 在這裡的意思是 「不錯」,已經算好,不能再苛求,但還不是非常棒。