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    • thoroughly 與 wholly 的英文有何不同?

      ...全部;統統 I wholly agree with you. 我完全同意你。 He is not wholly to blame for the accident. 這次事故不能全怪他。 你如果不懂的話,可以從...

    • 急!!! 福音歌曲 Wholly Holy 的翻譯

      Wholly Holy 全能的神 Not talkin bout a quarter, 談論...自從撼動、真的撼動那天起 Wholly Holy, hold in my...全能的神!常駐在我的心靈 Not talkin bout a black tie...

    • 英文誰能幫我翻譯這幾段

      ...overspeed, second does not defend the stipulation, third is not wholly absorbed. On because this 3. therefore the locomotive often is most...