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    • behavior 問題

      ...2. Behavior followed closely by a punishing consequence will occur less often. 處罰結果緊接著而來的行為比較不常發生. 文法分析:(參照1.句的文法分析) 2007...

    • 請各位幫我翻譯以下的醫學術語

      Subarachnoid hemorrhage following aneurysmal rupture occurs most often in relatively elderly populations with underlying hypertension, or some...

    • Less often怎麼翻呢?

      ...不夠仔細可以再補充囉~ 2008-05-20 11:46:42 補充: 饅頭你好, (1) Less often, the formation of true comedones occurs. 真正面皰的形成比較不常發生。 2008-05-20 11:48:09 補充: less commonly 較不...