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    • 英文...英翻中..2句子

      1.One time Dad let me oil all the squeaky bicycle wheels.  有一次爸爸讓我給吱吱響的腳踏車輪子上...time I made a mistake and put a pair of handlebars on a wrong place.  有一次...

    • 汽車英文翻譯 急需

      Wheel Bearing Grease Specification 車輪軸承潤滑油規範 The grease for wheel bearings should be smooth textured, consist of soaps and oils, and be free of filler and abrasives. 車輪軸承的潤滑油應該組織均勻...

    • 產品保養要點--中翻英

      ...keep an air valve running smoothly. At the top of the oil spraying machine is an adjustment knob, ...則壓力增高,反之則壓力降低. 5. On the circular wheel at the top of the leach regulator is a pressure adjustment...