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  1. on the money

    • ph.
      accurate; correct
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    • ph.
      accurate; correct

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 美國賭盤用語

      ...旁邊"是此場比賽紀錄的賭金額度百分比! "Money" is the amount bet on the money line of the game. "金額"是此場比賽的貨幣那一行上面的賭金總額! "Total...

    • 請幫我解釋英文題目的意思

      1. Shift to the right on the money demand curve. 指整個 demand curve 向右移動 (指整個需求曲線往右移動, 換句話說...經濟環境或價值體系有了重大的改變之後 2. Movement to the right along the money demand curve. 是指在demand curve上往右移動 (需求曲線不動, 只是沿著既有的...

    • 關於英文on the items?

      ...; with the receipt. eg:-(3)You have bought and return it(=on the item=money or goods) in Exchange Department Special with...