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    • 有關於空間 建築 的翻譯 中翻英 20點!!!!9句而已

      ... Building Museum's front open space as the center and both sides become symmetry. 2...向成為兩條不明顯的axis Because the whole open space is oval-shaped design, it also makes...

    • 急~對著空中呼喊的英文

      1. Shout to the open space. Shout to the space above. Call to the space above. Call to the open air. Shout to the open air. 2. Cuddly animals.

    • 英文翻中文 急急急急急急

      A measured characterization of both open-space and indoor signal propagation as a function of angle using directional antennas 翻譯:開放空間和室內信號的一個測量的表徵 為函數使用天線的角度的傳播