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    • 這篇的英文翻譯 還有(forth lives on)意思

      ... Schroder, . and sadly she passed away just a few days ago. 高齡83... I would like tosay the love . and the fan ship, . and the love back and forth lives on. 珍視愛惜, 獨垂心盼...

    • 這好難翻 所以翻的好的話給20點 謝謝各位

      ...而終結以你的注入滿溢) Chew your meat for you 為你咀嚼食物 Pass it back and forth 反覆來回地傳遞 In a passionate kiss 以熱烈的吻 From my mouth...

    • 請幫我翻譯這一句短文,中翻英

      ...night, I hang missing by the window, in front of the gentle breeze at night passes my window, the city that shuttles back and forth under the starry sky, brush the small grasses of the roadside, cross the pitch-black...