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    • 這句英文是什麼意思.請知道的人回答

      ...these products are not standard and you would have to buy at least 100 kg per item. 謝謝你的來函!很抱歉,不幸地,這些貨品未達標準;你必須每一品項至少要購買...

    • 程式設計相關翻譯

      ...the item being purchased (type int) 購買數量(整數) and a price per item(type int). 單價(整數) [Note: In subsequent chapters, we...

    • 請問何謂line items

      ... the president to veto the bill by individual line-item. But fortunately, the act was voided by... the 26 accounting firms,21 (81 per cent) were Big 4 firms. 在所有的26個...