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    period of time

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    • 這是外師要參加的講習簡介......可以幫忙翻成英文的嗎..

      After a period of time of English studies, students have learnt a quantity... ability efficiently by plenty of vocabulary learning and wide range of short and long article. In this seminar, the presenter will leads you to use...

    • leading up to 如何翻譯,及翻譯這段英文

      lead up to something= to the period of time before something happens I guess we ...2013-09-22 13:57:26 補充: lead up to something= the period of time before something happens 多打一個to 中文意思...

    • 「試用期」的英文

      ※ trial period - a period of time during which someone or something is tested 人的試用期或物的試驗期... of the company. 例 2: Drug company chairman calls for trial period to evaluate drugs. ※ probation period probationn: 員工的試用期;犯人獄外察看...