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    • 請教一句英文文法

      ... by the care with which the company treated all of my personal possessions. 後面是一個形容詞子句,用來當名詞care的修飾語. with是因為動詞treated...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯這幾句英文…很急^^"謝謝

      ...influence of the bubble economy, under the condition of desire continuously depressive, for want to own personal private possession, but be subjected to the restrict in many levels, and make the mankind...

    • 英文effect和affect的差別??

      ... a scarf for a casual effect. 再圍上一條圍巾以顯得隨便些。 3.your personal possessions (個人)財產,所有物,財物 plural formal written ■The insurance...