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    • 請問”bar tab”和”car note”是什麼意思?

      ... 的前面常常會與 pick up 一起使用。Ex: He is picking up the bar tab for us tonight. (今晚我們在酒吧的消費由他付了) Car note 就是口語化...

    • 英文片語及慣用語的翻譯(厲害的幫我一下)

      ... heaven極樂世界中 22.put on weight體重增加 23.get a checkup體格檢查 24.pick up the tab支付費用 25.make a room for向..房間...去.. 26.head for 白費心思

    • 英文口頭報告

      ... will pick up the tab anyway. M: So what do...that's why you do not know the value of money. W: Hey... tonight? I will pick up some outfit for you too. M: That will...