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    • translate

      I suppose you want it to be translated in Chinese, if otherwise, let me know. 1. 跟顧客一對一的工作。 2. 再公司的歷史裡第一個成交七位數的買賣。 3. 我在尋找一個位子能幫我在一個有挑戰的環境裡建立這些成就 4. 銷售管理的職位可以在工作七年內建立經營...

    • any courses in English please

      ... dont you translate your request into CHINESE? What kind of business?? Finance etc. Google them. Piece of cake! There are plenty of universties in Taipei...

    • 英文問題-"登記"

      ... for VAT Online, you will need the following five pieces of information about your business: your VAT registration number the postcode of your principal...