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    • a piece of

      ...紡織品)A piece of leather (一塊皮) 其它A piece of history (news)A piece of advice (information; evidence)A piece of junk (garbage; trash)A piece of bone (land)

    • 克漏字:Facts are pieces of inform

      因為她前面...Facts are pieces of information we know to be true. When we read history, we want to know the facts&...

    • 不可數名詞的動詞用法

      ...句都,用單數動詞,因為information屬於抽象名詞(不可數) 是消息, 情報之意,而 two pieces of informationpiece這個單位可數,所以在 piece 後加 s, 如同 two pounds of cheese兩...