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  1. pig out

    • vi.
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 狼吞虎嚥地吃 to pig out on sth. 狼吞虎嚥地吃某物
    • ph.
  2. 知識+

    • 一些動物的英文諺語

      ... you buy a used car, you may be getting a pig in a poke. * pig out Our kids dream of staying up late and pigging out on junk...

    • 「三隻小豬」英文劇本,英翻中!!

      ...Pigs 三隻小豬 Mother Pig sends her three little piglets out into the pond to make the 豬媽媽叫她... to trick the third little pig out of his house, but the 移動這房子...

    • 我想知道以下這些英文俚語的由來

      ...是指下意識的或無心的模仿他人的動作,而不知其義。『有樣學樣』的意思。 Pig out 就是暴飲暴實或大吃一頓的意思。 Pony up 就是 pay up 的意思,付錢...