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    a pile of

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      一窩蜂地離開某處 The police were waiting for the hooligans as they piled out of the train. 那些流氓從火車上紛紛下來, 警察早已在那兒等著他們了。
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    • stack pile means different things a stack of something -- a stack of money a pile of something -- a pile of money it is a stack pile of something -- a stack pile of money...

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      ... are walking as they see a girl beside a pile of mud. She is worried about how to pass...and hence affecting one's behavior and mind; the result of this aggravates an easy problem . As a ...

    • 計量名詞<英文>

      可數: a pile of books (一堆書) a bowl of cherries (一碗櫻桃) a bunch of flowers (一把花) a pack of cigarettes (一盒香煙) a group of people (一群人) 不可數: a loaf of bread...