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  1. pitch over

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    • 1. 摔倒 he pitched over and fell flat on his face 他摔了個嘴啃泥
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    • on the pitch...

      ...來做比喻。」 我並未翻譯 ...think ..., with plenty of ups and downs over the year. 只講這裡 on the pitch 的用法,所以將 on the pitch 加引號。 若要具體翻譯,阿寬能看懂這一段,當然...

    • 煩請幫我翻譯這段MLB新聞稿(20點)

      ...double play. With Bay at the plate, Wheeler threw a pitch over the glove of Navarro that went to the backstop. The All...

    • 請幫忙翻譯紐約洋基官網對王建民的報導!!

      ... in the sixth when A-Rod drilled a 1-0 pitch over the wall in left-center field. ZITO投了六局下場,他所犯下唯一的錯就是...